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This cover of Pink Floyd’s Breathe in the style of Type O Negative will have you missing Peter Steele even more

Metal mash-up wizard Denis Pauna gives Pink Floyd’s Breathe the Type O Negative treatment for a fan’s birthday



What if Type O Negative wrote Breathe by Pink Floyd? Just ask our trusty internet mash-up demon, Denis Pauna. Before our brains flabbergast themselves into a spiral over such an outrageously delicious prospect, Pauna is quick to soothe with his well-trusted formulaic remedy of perfectly-constructed Type O Negative goodness.

His vocals perfectly channel Peter Steele’s vampiric, thick-as-marmite tone to an almost supernatural level, as one commenter on the video says: “Whenever you do one of these, it’s seriously like we’re getting to hear a new Type O track after all of these years. You’re just that eerily good at it…” And we couldn’t agree more.

The instrumentation is also remarkably on-point. With cavernous rumbling bass and cut-throat, skull-rattling riffs, Pauna blasts Type O Negative’s trademark qualities into a blender with the stretching, mystical melodies of Pink Floyd’s Breathe to genius results. This hybrid is one of his finest amalgamations, and we’re sure Pauna has plenty more up his wizardly sleeves.

This cover was actually proposed by a fan in aid of a friend’s birthday. And what a gift it is – over 8 minutes of melt-in-your-mouth gothic doom intertwined with the ethereal enchantment of both Type O Negative and Pink Floyd. Wonderful stuff. And er, Happy Birthday, Bog!

Listen below: