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This imaginary Brian Johnson job interview is the strangest thing you’ll see today

TikTok comedian JGGLS acts out the unlikely scenario of interviewing Brian Johnson for a job



No one likes job interviews, right? That is, of course, unless you’re AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and the job interview has been plucked from the mind of one very creative TikTok user.

No idea what we’re on about? Well, it’s time you met JGGLS, a young lad who seems to spend most his spare time acting out fictitious job interviews with famous musicians – hey, we’re not here to judge – using fragments of their most memorable songs. From Taylor Swift to Kanye West, he’s amassed quite the talent pool, but our favourite is his parody meeting with AC/DC’s notorious wailer Brian Johnson.

In a courteous and professional tone, the lad asks his imaginary version of the rockstar: “Hello Mr Johnson, what type of work do you specialise in?” As a response, music commences whilst a grinning Johnson in a flat cap appears on screen, as he confidently declares “Dirty Deeds!”. 

“That is perfect, we need someone to do the dirty work around the office” JGGLS explains. For his next question, he asks “So how long are you willing to work to get the job done?”, and “Brian” responds “All Night Long!”

This back and forth goes on for a little while before the video bizarrely ends with the frontman using dynamite to blow himself up whilst – yep, you called it – AC/DC’s hip-shaking tune T.N.T plays in the background.

Really, it’s quite the funny video – albeit a little strange – so be sure to check it out below:


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