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This is what Rammstein’s Du Hast would sound like being covered by Viking shamen

Nordic folk heroes Skáld give Rammstein’s industrial metal classic Du Hast a folky makeover



We love a good cover, particularly when it manages to completely reinvent a beloved song. Rammstein aren’t strangers to unique cover versions – just last year we got a Deutschland on a hurdy gurdy – but Nordic folk group sensation Skáld are offering a completely reinvented version of the industrial metal classic as their latest single. 

In keeping with their Viking-inspired folk stylings, Skald’s version of the song is communicated purely through traditional instrumentation that sees chanted vocals and subtle strings completely change the tone of the song to something you could imagine being chanted acapella in a football stadium. 

What’s more, it works incredibly well. The song’s massive percussive beat is still front and centre, but Skáld give Du Hast an extra sense of poignance and moodiness that makes it feel like the kind of song you’d use to psyche yourself up for a day’s raiding. 

We shouldn’t be surprised; although they haven’t been around as long as fellow folk scene leaders Wardruna and Heilung, Skáld have wracked up millions of streams on Spotify with three albums to date, while their fourth, Huldufólk, is due for release on January 20. 

The cover also goes to show just how indominitable the songwriting of Rammstein was at this point in their careers. released as a single from 1997’s Sehnsucht, Du Hast helped propel the German group onto the global consciousness, and has since been featured on a number of game and movie soundtracks including The Matrix and Guitar Hero

To date, Sehnsucht is the only Rammstein album to be certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA, achieving its award in July 1999.