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This Navy march turned into a metal song is the earworm you’ll never be able to unhear

Riff genius Andre Antunes reworks a navy march drill into a ridiculously catchy metal song



Whatever song you have stuck in your head right now, wave it goodbye, because what we’re about to show you is sure to boot it out and take its place. Because, once again, our favourite internet parody riffer Andre Antunes is back with his unexpected metal mash ups. 

The new earworm in question is titled U.S. Navy Goes METAL – Just A Little Rock’n’Roll (Steam Roller), and is based on the calls of an aggressively catchy public navy march. It’s not just catchy, though – it also sounds strangely familiar, bringing to mind what might happen if Volbeat were to record a sea shanty. And as the march leader calls out lines for his platoon to repeat, it becomes immediately apparent that this chap has got the same bass-heavy booming vocal tone as Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen. Strange, indeed.

Alongside the Volbeat-esque calls, Antunes supplies a backing of gloriously heavy riffing and thumping percussion, and it’s impossible not to bob along. 

Usually, Antunes can be found using clips of furiously pissed-off women – dubbed as Karens – or footage of American pastors spitting vigorous sermons, but this time, he’s gone for something a little different, and we’re very thankful for it.

Check it out below, just don’t blame us if you find yourself chanting the phrase ‘JUST A LITTLE ROCK’N’ROLL‘ when you least expect it.