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This Offspring/Boney M mash-up is the most fun you’ll have today with your clothes on

Did the world really need a hybrid Offspring/Boney M summer anthem? Yes it did, and it does, and we love it



Our respect for mash-up maestro Dj Cummerbund knows no bounds. Who but this mysterious twisted tune-tangler could envisage bonding Rush with Kelis, Rammstein with Wild Cherry, Tool with Justin Bieber or Slipknot with N*Sync? Warning: this is a genius at work.

Somehow, this little beauty from the great man slipped through our greasy paws when first issued in March, but we’re rectifying that carelessness right here, right now.

Incorporating snatches of Vanilla Ice, Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage, Michael Jordan and the late, great John Candy, here we see Cummerbund marry off The Offspring’s UK number 1 single Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) with Boney M’s 1978 single Rasputin. Because… fuck knows, actually.

Go on, give it your ears…

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Happy now? We sincerely hope so.