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Toundra to release new album in early 2022

Spanish instrumental post rockers Toundra delve into side-long piece of music for new album



Spanish instrumental post rockers Toundra have announced that they’re back in the studio working on their next album, which will be released in early 2022 b y InsideOut Music.

“We are very excited about what we are getting out of this recording process,” the band say. “Making our eighth recording after fourteen years creating together has been a challenge. In the middle of the process, we found ourselves again with an inspiration that made us create in a more diverse way and traveling new paths. Something that from our beginnings has been the true motivation and sense of being in Toundra. We are looking forward to hearing the result.”

For the as-yet-untitled new album the band have enlisted producer Santi García to helm the recording at Cal Pau Recordings and Ultramarinos Costa Brava studios, both in Catalonia, along with the also loyal Víctor García in charge of mastering. 

Toundra began writing during the days of stricter confinement in March 2020. After the cancellation of their European Tour, the band decided to start recording demos at home and sent each other hundreds of recordings. 

The new album will be made up of two different parts. Side A will consist of a single 22-minute song, divided into three parts. Meanwhile, side B contains four tracks, with the more familiar Toundra style.