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Trivium release Game Of Thrones-style trailer and tease new ‘ritual’

Trivium drop cryptic teaser video on social media, declaring that a “ritual” is to begin on July 9



Over the last few days, Trivium have been causing a frenzy over on social media. While keeping the actual details of what it is they’re up to firmly against their chests, the Floridian metal crew have also been posting various mysterious images and videos that seem to suggest one thing: something big is on its way.

On July 5, an image of an ancient-appearing book floating in the sea appeared on social media. The next day, the band dropped an ominous video, containing the words “The stars have died and the Heavens go up in flames”. Fans were quick to hypothesise over what the content could mean, and now, it seems we’re getting closer to what it is Trivium are really up to. 

Yesterday, the band dropped a two-minute cinematic Game Of Thrones-style trailer that carried the phrase ‘In The Court Of The Dragon’. Within the video – which featured professional actors and stunning shots of seascapes – it read ‘The ritual begins 07.09.21’ (July 9). 

Whatever “the ritual” is, judging by the effort gone into creating a film-quality trailer – directed by Ryan Mackfall – it’s most definitely something we should be getting excited about. Could it be new music, or are we really getting a feature length film? 

We’ll be keeping a watchful eye, so be sure to watch this space for updates. Check out the trailer below: