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Watch a real-life robot band play Metallica’s Enter Sandman and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit

The band of the future is here… and it’s a bunch of robots



The future arrived a long time ago, as the spectacular rise of Artificial Intelligence has shown. Now, to prove that we’re all living in a Terminator prequel movie, someone has created a band consisting entirely of robots that play their own instruments.

A boffin named One Hacker Band has posted clips of the ‘band’ – actually a cleverly-engineered assemblage of electronics and moveable mechanisms hooked up to home-made instruments rather than a bunch of android rock stars – playing Metallica’s Enter Sandman, Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water, Michael Jackson’s Beat It and more.

What these robot musicians lack in looks they make up for in musical talent, replicating the original songs pretty faithfully considering they’re machines.

If that wasn’t enough, the robot musos also have the ability to jam along with One Hacker Band’s IRL guitar playing, even if they can only use three guitar strings due to various technical details that make our brain spill out of our ears.

Impressive stuff for sure, though we’re not quite sure it’s going to put your favourite band out of a job. When these robots learn how to play I by Meshuggah is the time to really start worrying.

Visit One Hacker Band’s Instagram (opens in new tab) page to check out more footage of the robot band.