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Watch Brian Johnson explain how recording a Hoover advert led him to join AC/DC

Brian Johnson reveals the true story behind his AC/DC audition, complete with comedy accents



We all know that AC/DC’s decision to recruit former Geordie frontman Brian Johnson to replace the late, great Bon Scott in 1980 changed the course of rock music history, and led to the phenomenal success of Back In Black.

But did you know that things might have worked out very differently for the Aussie hard rock legends if ‘Beano’ hadn’t been invited to London to record a song for an advert for Hoover vacuum cleaners around the same time?

In a new clip uploaded to the Brian Johnson TV YouTube channel, the 73-year-old singer reveals the full story behind his AC/DC audition, with added drama supplied by his use of comedic German and Cockney accents. 

The floor is yours Jonno…

Brian Johnson’s return to AC/DC for the band’s glorious Power Up album was one of the feel good stories of 2020. Here’s hoping we’ll see the Geordie powerhouse back on-stage with Angus Young and co before too much longer.