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Watch Corey Taylor walk through the Blood Prison experience at the “notoriously haunted” Ohio State Reformatory

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor gets spooked by ghouls and ghosts with two fans in the Ohio State Reformatory at this year’s Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival



Last month, we were treated to a short clip of Corey Taylor getting a taste of his own medicine and being spooked by a man in a ghoulish mask at the Ohio State Reformatory. Now, there’s a full video of the Slipknot frontman exploring the allegedly haunted building, alongside two fans.

After winning a competition to gain entry to the tour at this year’s Inkcarceration Festival, the successful pair joined the vocalist on the Blood Prison haunted house experience throughout the reformatory, which was famously featured in the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption.

A video recap of the tour, shot and edited by Cyrus Entezam courtesy of Danny Wimmer Presents, captures Taylor and co. walking anxiously through the dark and dilapidated corridors as they get continually get spooked by live actors, jumping out from the shadows in ghoulish costumes, Slipknot masks and clown suits. 

A description for the experience, which takes 45 minutes to complete reads: “Blood Prison is a harrowing walk through the unrelenting horrors of the Ohio State Reformatory — the state’s notoriously haunted prison. In this unsettling space where paranormal activity abounds, hear the ear-splitting wail of the warden’s widow. Encounter the frightening phantasms of maniacal inmates and deformed guards in the world’s largest free-standing steel cell block. Descend into the suffocating blackness of The Hole.”

Speaking of the building’s haunted reputation, owner Victor Amesquita tells Spectrum News 1: “Some people come just to see the scenes, some people come for entertainment and others come for fear. You are going to get some sort of thrill while you are here.”

 The owner also claims the prison’s reputation helps foster an atmosphere of horror for visitors.

He says: “A lot of people were already thinking that coming in. That they’re actually coming into a haunted facility. That’s very paranormal and it’s active in that manner. So that adds a little uneasiness to the guests.”

Check out the video below:

This year’s Inkarceration Festival, held on July 14-16, saw Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, and Pantera perform as headliners, with bands such as Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Motionless In White and more in support.