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Watch everyone’s favourite cover band Punk Rock Factory go full Hamilton for new single You’ll Be Back

Punk Rock Factory cover a song from critically acclaimed musical smash hit Hamilton, with predictably daft results



Viral pop punk cover sensations Punk Rock Factory are back at it again – and this time they’ve taken on one of their most unlikely covers yet, courtesy of one of the 21st century’s biggest and most critically acclaimed musicals. 

The South Wales four-piece have set their sights on a cut from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway smash hit Hamilton, releasing a rocked-up take on You’ll Be Back, one of the production’s most famous songs.

Accompanying the new single is an entertaining video featuring our beloved foursome (er, well, threesome in this case) decked out in regal Hamilton gear and, at one point, breaking out into a dance routine that London’s own West End would be proud of.

“When we heard You’ll Be Back from Hamilton, we absolutely knew it had to go on the album,” comment the band in a new statement. “It’s equal parts sinister and endearing and already a sing-along anthem, begging to be a rock hit!

“We worked with Sitcom Soldiers for this music video, and shot in their studio in Bolton,” they add. “It’s the first time we brought in a new team, and didn’t create the video ourselves DIY. We also had great fun dressing up in regal style outfits, too.  Also, you’ll notice we’re lacking a bass player in the video… Benj’s first child was actually born two days before the shoot so he had to miss out on this one!”

The album in question is Punk Rock Factory’s new studio record, It’s Just A Stage We’re Going Through, out March 31. The quartet have a flurry of UK dates lined up through Spring and Autumn this year.

Watch Punk Rock Factory’s cover of You’ll Be Back below.