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Watch Mike Muir fall off stage while Suicidal Tendencies play, you guessed it, You Can’t Bring Me Down

Don’t worry: Mike got straight back up on stage and carried on like nothing had happened. Hooray!



Sometimes, the metal world dishes out harsh but cruelly hilarious moments of irony. It was only last year that we witnessed Mudvayne singer Chad Gray take an almighty tumble off stage while singing the Illinois metallers’ hit anthem, Not Falling (the irony!), and now, Suicidal Tendencies frontman and walking energy drink Mike Muir has accidentally joined a somewhat unenviable club by falling off stage as the crossover thrash metal heroes were smashing through a trademark hit of their own, 1990’s You Can’t Bring Me Down (the irony!!!).

Suicidal Tendencies were opening up their set at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California on Saturday night (September 23) when the unfortunate goof occurred, as the LA metal veterans shared a stacked bill that also included underground metal mainstays Midnight, Satanic doo-woppers Twin Temple and metal icon Danzig playing his beloved, self-titled 1988 debut album in full. 

During their playthrough of the song, originally released on Suicidal’s fifth studio album Lights…Camera…Revolution!, Mike can be seen in footage since posted online bounding around as usual, before attempting to step closer to the front of the stage. The energetic singer seems to have miscalculated something, however, and drops entirely off the stage and out of sight, leaving his concerned bandmates to play on as a roadie rushes out to lend a hand.

Fortunately, and likely to the surprise of no one, Mike proves to be a trooper and is back up on stage just over twenty seconds later, bouncing around again like nothing had happened. What a hero.

Watch the moment below. And yes, now that we know Mike is fine, it’s OK to laugh. Just a bit. Suicidal Tendencies’ latest studio album, Still Cyco Punk After All These Years, is out now.