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Watch nine-year-old Tool fan weave 15 Adam Jones riffs into a 10-minute epic on the guitar Adam Jones gave her

Guitar prodigy Maya Neelakantan is going viral again after showing off her mastery of Tool riffs in tribute to her hero Adam Jones



Back in June, nine-year-old guitarist Maya Neelakantan went viral after posting a video online showing her absolutely nailing a cover of 15-minute Tool epic 7empest, from 2019’s Fear Inoculum.

So impressive was her rendition, in fact, that after seeing the video, Adam Jones himself gifted the young prodigy a signed Gibson Signature 1979 Les Paul Custom, as a token of his appreciation for her talents. 

Now the young guitarist is set to cause jaws to drop worldwide once again, after uploading a new video in which she weaves 15 Tool riffs into one 10-minute instrumental, playing the very guitar given to her by Jones. Tool fans will recognise snippets of Intension, Lateralus, Pneuma, Descending, Vicarious and Third Eye in Maya’s magnificent mash-up.

In a caption accompanying the upload, the guitarist writes, “I have put together 15 Tool songs and made it into one BIG song! It took a lot of time and process to come up with this and I am very happy with the final result! … I just love everything that Adam Jones does! This video only explored the clean (without distortion) melodies that he created and I can’t wait to explore everything else even more!”

Once again, the good people of The Internet are impressed.

One approving comment, posted by one DR Smith, beneath the video reads “Maya you are so talented! I have been a Tool fan since long before you were born. I’ve also been trying to learn guitar for the past couple of years and you are waaaay ahead of me!”

Watch the video below: