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Watch Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn jam with Metallica backstage at Lollapalooza

The metal story of the year finally comes full circle as Metallica and Eddie Munson himself jam Master Of Puppets together



Destiny fulfilled itself at Lollapalooza this weekend as Eddie Munson himself finally got to meet his heavy metal heroes and jam the song that made him a pop culture phenomenon.

Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn – who plays much-loved metalhead character Eddie in the latest season of the show – was united with Metallica for the first time in the flesh to jam through classic thrash anthem Master Of Puppets ahead of the band’s headline performance at this year’s Lollapalooza festival. 

In a new video posted by Netflix, Quinn is shown backstage at the festival revealing that he’s about to meet the biggest band in heavy metal, before being shown hanging with Metallica as James Hetfield confirms that he’s a “big fan” of Stranger Things (and has been, in fact, since Season 1), going onto reveal that watching the show has actually been a “bonding experience” for he and his kids. 

After Quinn thanks Metallica for allowing Stranger Things to use the track, Hetfield shoots back a note of gratitude for Quinn “doing it justice”. Quinn then confirms that he feels “very connected” to Metallica after spending two years listening to Master Of Puppets in preparation for his pivotal scene as Eddie, in which he plays the iconic song to ward off evil bat beasties from attacking his mates.

Metallica then invite him for a jam, and before we know it, we have actual Eddie Munson himself shredding through Master Of Puppets with the very band that made it world famous. 

Watch the wholesome moment below. Metallica continue their world tour in the States later this month

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