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Watch teenage Foo Fighters fan Lauren borrow Dave Grohl’s guitar for killer performance of Monkey Wrench

Foo Fighters invite teenager Lauren to play guitar with them at Kansas gig, teenager Lauren kills it



You don’t get to be the Nicest Man In Rock without making some dreams come true for your fans. Happily, Dave Grohl has a great track record in this respect, whether that’s bringing Foo Fighters to the Italian city of Cesena in 2015 following a plea by Fabio Zaffagnini and the Rockin‘ 1000 or taking time out from a dinner party with friends to sing Sting’s iconic ‘I want my MTV’ lyric from Dire Straits’ Money For Nothing for a Philadelphia musician’s Instagram Live-streamed Grohlathon appeal.

Last week, Foo Fighters’ frontman did another Dave Grohl Really Is A Sweetheart thing by inviting a teenage fan named Lauren onstage during the band’s gig at the Azura Amphitheater in Kansas, and handing her his guitar so she could play his parts on fan favourite Monkey Wrench. And to be fair, Ms Lauren absolutely nailed it.

Not everyone in Kansas, however, was so pleased to see the Foo Fighters back in the state. As has been their habit each time Grohl’s band roll into the Sunflower State, the homophobic congregation of the Westboro Baptist Church elected to picket outside the band’s August 5 gig.

Once again, however, Grohl had the last laugh, as he rounded up his band to perform Bee Gees’ disco hit You Should Be Dancing for the protestors from the back of a flat-bed truck. 

For those seeking more tales of Grohl goodness, the NMIR will be be publishing his memoir, The Storyteller, on October 4.