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Watch this 10-year-old totally own this drum cover of Metallica’s Lux Æterna

While you were stuffing your face with chocolate over the holidays, this kid was thrashing his kit like a boss



What were you doing over the festive break? Your answer might involve vague nods to gluttony, repeated viewings of Die Hard and trips to the local tip. A classic Christmas, well, for people of a certain age anyway.

While you were making short-lived promises of joining a gym, 10-year-old Sam Bickmore from Lincolnshire was busy recording a spirited drum cover of Metallica’s most recent single Lux Æterna.

Sam, who was around four years old when Metallica released their album Hardwired… to Self-Destruct, has been playing drums for just four years and has uploaded drum covers of songs by Tool, Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters.

“I have been playing drums since I was 6 and decided to record and upload videos to track my progress and hopefully inspire others to enjoy music,” explains Sam on his YouTube page. “There are so many drummers out there who inspire me and I like a mix of pop, rock and punk music – anything with a good, fast beat! All of my drum covers are recorded at home and the sound is unedited. They may not be perfect and are usually my own interpretation of the drums. Neither of my parents are musicians! Early videos are played on an Alesis electric kit but I now have a Roland VAD306 which I love.”

It’s worth noting that Sam already has a six-year jump on Lars Ulrich, who started playing drums when he was 12. So, watch this space.

Check the video out below.

In other Metallica news, the band have celebrated their 1991 single Enter Sandman passing 1 billion plays on Spotify and racked up over 137 million hours of music streamed on the digital music provider.

The band’s new album 72 Seasons will be released on April 14.