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Watch Till Lindemann celebrate his birthday by covering a crowd in cake

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann shows why he’s metal’s maddest, messiest provocateur as he flings birthday cake at a crowd in Dubai in 2020



60 years old today, Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann remains one of metal’s most provocative figures. When he’s not helping mastermind some of the most stunning music videos – not to mention controversial – in modern metal, he can be found manning flame throwers, cock cannons or flaming artillery at Rammstein’s insane – and incendiary – live shows. 

Of course, even when he’s not on-stage with Rammstein, he has a tendency towards the utterly insane. Lindemann’s eponymous side-project might not have the same budgetary freedom as his day job, but the live shows are no less filthy. A 2020 show in Moscow saw suppositories popped on-screen, walls of weiners and fish-throwing shenanigans. 

Lindemann co-founder Peter Tagtgren might have left the project in 2020, but a 2020  appearance in Dubai – on Till’s 59th birthday – shows the messy spirit of the band remains very much in tact as Till starts flinging birthday cake out into the audience. 

Arriving on-stage looking like a cross between Harley Quinn and Delirious-era Eddie Murphy, the performance of Allesfresser starts out fairly sedate – by Lindemann standards, at least. Granted, in the background a screen shows Till eating spaghetti in a Sailor Moon outfit and the translated lyrics “I love you i need you/give me more, come feed me” add a Lynchian spin to proceedings, but it still feels very “Lindemann does Lindemann”. 

Things really devolve around the halfway mark, when a tray of incredibly creamy cakes are brought out. It isn’t long before Till and the rest of the band are flinging them into an ecstatic crowd, who apparently can’t get enough. 

It’s a handy reminder that for all of his splat-happy tendencies, metalheads the world over love Till Lindemann through and through, whether for his vocal support of LGBTQ+ rights, reportedly greeting Ukrainian refugees as they arrived in Germany in 2021, or just being metal’s maddest, messiest provocateur. We salute you, Till.