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Welcome to the jungle: This howler monkey growling over heavy riffs could be the future of metal, maybe

Howler monkey turns growler monkey in powerful new video from YouTuber Andre Antunes



In the wild, there’s a breed of primate known as a howler monkey which has an affinity for causing a bit of a racket. If you hadn’t already guessed, these furry fellows are known for their extraordinarily loud howls, which have led them to be considered one of the loudest animals to walk on land. It was, perhaps, inevitable then that one day these noble beasts would encounter heavy metal… 

A new video from axe-slinging maverick Andre Antunes reveals the previously-untapped potential of the howler monkey, with a short track that sees the guitarist riffing along to what these critters do best. As the monkey howls, the guttural, demonic bellows of Cannibal Corpse’s lead vocalist George Fisher springs to mind, which leads us to the very entertaining comment underneath the creation which says “Corpsegrinder has been real quiet since this dropped”. 

Although the monkey’s vocal abilities are impressive, we’ve also got to take a moment to applaud Antunes’ guitar skills, which are also pretty formidable. As he provides monstrously weighty riffs against the ungodly calls of the deafening primate, we’re gifted with a slice of some seriously tasty death metal. And what could be better?

Within Antune’s other videos, you can find the guitarist riffing along to a medley of soundbites courtesy of furious middle-aged women known as “Karens”, Navy sergeants, overly enthusiastic Church pastors and Yoko Ono.

Check out the video below: