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33 Straight Edge Records of 2022 You Might Have Missed (Edge Day Special)



Edge Day, October 17th, is an annual celebration of hardcore music founded by straight edge people in the United States in the late ’90s to show their true commitment to the drug free lifestyle. Fast forward to today, and we have gigs and special events celebrating Edge Day all around the globe. For me, Edge […]

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Yeah, I can keep this article going on with ten more generic youth crew or metal af vegan straight edge bands until exhaustion, but I chose to conclude with a straight edge band that made the unusual artistic decision to incorporate (anti-) ska influences into the mix.

Corrupt Vision’s “X YOURSELF UP” EP consists of only three songs but they hooked me with an unusual blend of breakdown-heavy East Coast Power Violence (No Comply, Asshole Parade, etc.) and the so-called Crack Rock Steady sound of bands like Choking Victim. What makes this record a real gem, however, is the second track which is actually a cover of Coke Bust’s “Fuck Bar Culture”. It’s one of my all time favorite straight edge songs and hearing a rendition of the song with those ska influences in the middle of the songs threw me on the floor in an instant. Amazing!


Youth Crew 2022 (Compilation)

youth-crew-2022-coverThe international youth crew compilation series have become a staple for the straight edge community since its first edition came out in 2008.

This time the seven-inch release dubbed Youth Crew 2022 features eight short but sweet and straight to the point tracks from bands like Distante (Argentina), Urgent Kill (The Netherlands), VAXXX (California, USA), Stations (Germany), Iron Deficiency (France), One Step At A Time (Belgium), Last Gasp (Ohio, USA), and Alive Inside (Austria). It’s available starting today as a joint release between Positive And Focused, Patient Zero, Youth Authority, and Seven Oaks Records.


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