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DS Review: Baby’s First Brakrock – Day 2.

And we are still working on our Brakrock coverage! Today we will focus on day 2 and wrap it up nicely. A person requested that I added the timetable. And I am here to please the masses. So here, dear readers. Compared to the day before, the weather wasn’t on our side, but it didn’t […]



And we are still working on our Brakrock coverage! Today we will focus on day 2 and wrap it up nicely. A person requested that I added the timetable. And I am here to please the masses. So here, dear readers.

Compared to the day before, the weather wasn’t on our side, but it didn’t hold us back from living our best lives. It’s rise and shine, honey – because if you thought Friday had me running around like crazy. Saturday, I hit my cardio goal for the week. Let’s get this ball rolling because it’s going to be a long one. And if you read everything, I’ll send you a virtual cookie.


From Germany with love. Straightline took Woodstage to give us a taste of some fine skatepunk. For a rainy day – Straightline certainly did brighten up a rather gloomy day. It should go without saying that, once again, the sound technicians didn’t drop the ball, and the sound was terrific.
“This next song is about fucking racists, fucking sexists, fucking homophobe dickheads. You are the true virus. This song is called “Virus”, let’s go.” Bart yelled in the microphone before he started throwing himself around stage.
The band certainly does have the energy for festivals and the crowd was dancing along in the rain.
I’m impressed that Bart could run on the spot through the duration of the set. Big band energy and we love it.

The Venomous Pinks

The Venomous Pinks are a well-rehearsed, three-piece from Arizona. And why am I introducing them? Well, sometimes awesome bands deserve to be reintroduced. And that’s my honest opinion on The Venomous Pinks. They are passionate; they are sincere, and firecrackers with some good messages in their music. That was certainly how I felt when Drea Doll mid-song told us to stand up for our beliefs and hold on to what our hearts want.
After countless of tour dates, the fact that Drea’s hoarse scream hasn’t had her drinking nothing but tea, leaves me even more impressed. And Gaby rocking out on stage was amazing to see and vibe too. Did we mention that Linh Le from Bad Cop/ Bad Cop joined on stage? She’s the best hype person ever. I’m calling her if I ever need to be hyped up for anything.

Voodoo Glow Skulls

Do you like ska? No? Okay, you should skip this part. Some people say that ska is silly music. And it’s not; it’s gold. After The Venomous Pinks, we were off to see Voodoo Glow Skulls – because why not? They are a brilliant band, fun, and there are masks. I’m in. But joking aside.
Voodoo Glow Skulls bringing fast-paced ska to Woodstage, and, shit, can we talk about the performance? They are a highly energetic ska band, not only Efrem Schulz. No, the rest of the band can dish out as well. And honestly, I was picking up what they were putting down.

And the crowd was not standing still one bit either. Screw the rain; let’s get down and dirty to some ska. Ah, that concert is forever printed in my head. They did excellent and played all the bangers. I want to go back.

Authority Zero

Authority Zero has gone from strength to strength over the past many years, they have evolved for the better, and they showed that very well on Saturday at Brakrock. And the crowd agrees with me on that. Chris Dalley, a rapid drumming machine, Jason DeVore’s vocal strength and connection to the crowd is remarkable. Mike and Brandon continue to show that performing live looks like the most straightforward job in the world.
As it was actually my first time watching Authority Zero live and in action, I decided to stop taking pictures after a few songs and go dance with my friends. And from the crowd and from the stage, I was blown away and couldn’t stop dancing. Sometimes I might have forgotten I was carrying my camera, but I was feeling it. And there was a badass guitar solo. I’m done here.

Bad Cop / Bad Cop

Are you ready for it? Because I wasn’t. I’ll get my fangirling over Bad Cop / Bad Cop out of the way right here. But I hope to speak for many when I say that they are an inspiration, and as a woman, I look up to them for obvious and personal reasons. So I was happy to see them on the poster for this year’s edition of Brakrock.

So, that was that moment. Let’s continue to the fact of why you’re reading this.

They have a new member! Let’s welcome Alex! And she’s full of talent, and her spark is fantastic. Linh Le is still very hype as she was a few hours ago, and her vibe gets the crowd going. Stacey sounds fantastic, and Myra knows how to work the drums without overthinking. Her flow is insane.

They played their newest single, “Shattered”, and I loved it. They highlighted those old white farts wanting to take away women’s reproduction rights. And as I usually say, No uterus, shut the fuck up. Maybe that’s why I love Bad Cop / Bad Cop as much as I do.

Honestly, this was a highlight of my weekend.

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

Ups forgot to take photos – but it was pissing down at this point, and something something played a few rounds of snaps. Let’s move on to Frank.
Upfront, I am not the biggest Frank Turner fan. Actually, he is what I would say… If he is being played around me, I don’t care. And for that, I must say I am in the wrong.

But holy shit, I think I became a Frank Turner fan that night. He is fantastic and really put on an incredible show. I forgot it was wet and muddy. The company, Frank Turner, and beers were everything that night. And why are his songs so catchy? I really want to know. Oh well, Frank, until October, I’m certainly coming and dancing along again. Here’s a short review of how you gained another fan.

Before we wrap up, I want to thank Brakrock for the fantastic festival, the volunteers, the sound technicians, the light technicians, the bands, and the people serving me food and alcohol for a great first time at Brakrock. We will return next year to do the same and praise your hard work and dedication to the scene.
To my friends, thanks for your patience. And Dying Scene and Public Serpents, thanks.

In the meantime, dear friends – please enjoy some behind-the-scenes pictures!

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