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Ranked: Sepultura Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

Sepultura has been crushing the music scene with their powerful sound and thought-provoking lyrics since their formation in the early 1980s. With a sound that encompasses thrash, death, and groove metal, Sepultura has consistently pushed the boundaries of heavy music. Join us as we delve into their extensive catalog, diving deep into their iconic albums […]



15. A-LEX

“A-Lex” is an ambitious concept album based on Anthony Burgess’ novel “A Clockwork Orange.” The band explores a more diverse range of musical styles and incorporates orchestral elements, showcasing their willingness to experiment. However, the album receives mixed reviews due to its lack of strong melodies and inconsistent songwriting.


“Dante XXI” is a concept album inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy.” While the idea of basing an entire album on such a renowned literary work is intriguing, it does not consistently deliver captivating songs. Some tracks lack energy and fail to leave a lasting impression. However, the thematic coherence of the album is admirable.


“Kairos” captures a heavy and aggressive sound, displaying the band’s technical prowess in their guitar work. The album offers a mix of thrash, groove, and progressive elements. While some tracks may not exhibit enough originality, the overall composition showcases Sepultura’s dedication to delivering a powerful metal experience. However, the production quality might be polarizing to some fans.


“Quadra” presents a diverse range of musical styles, showcasing Sepultura’s ability to seamlessly merge thrash, groove, and progressive metal. The album displays technical proficiency and features thought-provoking lyrics that delve into societal themes. Despite some tracks feeling disjointed, and the album’s lengthy runtime, “Quadra” demonstrates Sepultura’s continued evolution and musical skills.


With “Machine Messiah,” Sepultura incorporates progressive elements into their sound, delivering complex compositions that showcase their maturity as musicians. The album’s strong songwriting is evident, but some tracks may feel overproduced, possibly detracting from the raw energy that fans associate with the band. It’s a departure from Sepultura’s classic sound, but still offers a compelling listen.


Collaborating with producer Ross Robinson, Sepultura’s “The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart” sees a return to their classic sound. The album combines heavy, aggressive riffs with melodic moments, intertwining them into a cohesive whole. While some tracks may feel derivative, the album received mixed reviews on its overall cohesiveness.


“Roorback” sees Sepultura incorporating a fusion of various metal subgenres, resulting in a heavy and aggressive sound. While the album showcases the band’s versatility, the songwriting can be inconsistent at times, with some tracks being less memorable than others. Nevertheless, “Roorback” still offers fans an intense and energetic listening experience.


“Against” marks a turning point for Sepultura, as the album showcases experimentation with industrial and nu-metal influences. While some fans appreciate this evolution, others criticize it for straying too far from the band’s thrash metal roots. The album suffers from a lack of memorable tracks, making it one of the band’s less distinguished releases.


With “Nation,” Sepultura demonstrates a willingness to explore different musical directions. The album incorporates elements of alternative metal, groove metal, and even world music, showcasing the band’s versatility. While some tracks may lack memorability, the album’s diverse range of songwriting keeps it engaging. However, the inconsistent pacing can be a drawback for certain listeners.


“Morbid Visions” is Sepultura’s raw and aggressive debut album, which laid the foundation for the black and death metal genres. While the production quality may not be up to par with later releases, the album’s raw intensity and influence on the extreme metal scene remain undeniable. It is a must-listen for fans of Sepultura’s early, darker sound.


Released in 1987, “Schizophrenia” is considered a classic thrash metal album that showcases early development and talent within Sepultura. While the raw production quality may not be to everyone’s taste, the album still offers a raw and aggressive listening experience. Some tracks may lack cohesion, but the overall energy and intensity compensate for its shortcomings.


“Roots” introduced a unique blend of metal, tribal, and indigenous elements, pushing the boundaries of heavy music. It showcased Sepultura’s ability to experiment with new sounds and incorporate diverse influences into their music. Some fans of Sepultura’s early thrash metal sound may have been disappointed by the departure from their signature style. “Roots” marked a significant shift in direction, which may have alienated some of the band’s long-time followers. The album received mixed reviews upon its release, with some critics and fans divided over the band’s musical choices. While some praised the innovative approach, others felt the album was a departure from what made Sepultura great.


“Beneath the Remains” is hailed as a thrash metal classic, with its aggressive sound and powerful riffing. The album showcases Sepultura’s technical prowess while maintaining a raw energy throughout. However, some tracks may blend together, and the production quality, though acceptable for its time, might sound dated to modern listeners.

02. CHAOS A.D.

“Chaos A.D.” signifies a shift in Sepultura’s sound, embracing a more groove-oriented approach while still retaining elements of thrash metal. The album is known for its politically charged lyrics and exploration of societal issues. While the departure from their previous sound may divide fans, the album remains an influential and iconic release in the metal genre.


“Arise” is widely recognized as one of Sepultura’s most influential and essential albums in the thrash metal genre. It solidified their reputation and helped establish them as one of the leading bands of their time. Compared to their previous albums, “Arise” showcased a significant improvement in production quality. The album had a polished and crisp sound, allowing the intricate guitar work and tight rhythms to shine. The album created a dark and aggressive atmosphere, both musically and lyrically. The themes of war, corruption, and societal decay are explored with a visceral and aggressive approach, adding depth and intensity to the overall experience.


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