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Chloe Trujillo, wife of Metallica bassist Rob, is releasing a new EP

Artist/fashion designer/musician Chloe Trujillo has joined forces with Rav Medic (Mark Dalbeth) for their upcoming debut EP Heavy Place



Chloe Trujillo (artist, fashion designer, musician and wife to Metallica’s Robert Trujillo), is to release an EP in collaboration with Mark Dalbeth (Rav Medic), from the rock band Bellusira.

The forthcoming project, titled Heavy Peace, is scheduled to arrive on August 19 via Golden Robot Records.

The duo have already released the singles Mana, A Ladder To The Sun and The Heaviest Sound Is Silence from the EP.

For her music, Trujillo meshes together a myriad of sounds, taking inspiration from everything from from rap and metal, to gypsy music and blues. She began her musical career performing in NYC cabarets & musical theatre, which later led to her being invited by Gail Zappa to record the Frank Zappa cover The Torture Never Stops.

The sonic union between Trujillo and Rav Medic began after the pair expressed a mutual respect for each other’s music online. Before long, the pair’s friendship grew into a collaboration, and as a result, they released their first song, Lightning Strikes Twice last year. 

Pre-order Heavy Peace now and listen to its first three tracks below:

Robert and Chloe married in the early 2000s and have a son, Tye, and daughter, Lullah. Tye recently earned praise from his father for playing additional guitar on the now iconic version of Master Of Puppets on Stranger Things.