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Luke Machin releases teaser video for solo album Soulshine

Maschine guitarist hooks up with drummer Marco Minnemann for his debut solo album



Maschine guitarist Luke Machin has released a teaser video for his upcoming solo album Soulshine, featuring him jamming with drummer Marco Minnemann, which you can watch below.

“This is the only instrumental on the album and a very ambitious one to say the least for me as my dream drummer would be Marco and even composing certain areas to somewhat tie in with his style of playing,” says Machin. “Pursuing those ambitions I went straight to the top and asked Marco if he would join me on this piece. I’ve been a huge fan of him and his playing, his energy and creative force in music for a long time now and to say I’m honoured to have him appear on my debut album is an understatement! Even more, what a genuinely humble human being he is also.”

Work on Soulshine is ongoing and Machin is funding the album through pre-orders via his website. These come in three different pay levels.

Soulshine has a summer vibe to it so I hope to release it sometime in the middle of the year,” he says.

Machin also recently contributed guitar to Dark Horizons, the debut album from Celtic proggers Illuminae.

Pre-order Soulshine.