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Metallica’s Kirk Hammett is soundtracking a mysterious online horror story, and we’re hooked already

Kirk Hammett has posted a dark, unnerving horror story – and its accompanying soundtrack – online and we can’t wait to see how its going to unfold



Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has shared a new project… and it’s the most intriguing thing to have emerged from the Metallica camp in years.

A renowned horror fan, Hammett has posted the first part of a story on his Reddit page titled I HAVE TO GET RID OF THIS GUITAR I FOUND which comes with the following intriguing introduction from one ‘Abigail Forte’:

“I recently found a lead that might help in the search for my brother, William “Wills” Forte. A journal he had written, along with a cassette that was filled with what can only be described as very unusual field recordings. Seeing as the nature of these recordings seemed to push towards an evil energy, I sent the tape to a friend to help me understand the music, who in turn sent it to guitarist Kirk Hammett.

We have decided that while we cannot allow the actual sounds from the cassette to be released, we can share renditions of the music. Kirk Hammett has agreed to quickly transpose the less complex portions of the cassette while keeping the integrity of the original field recordings intact. These you can play or loop alongside the reading of each part, to create the appropriate mood for these journal entries.

We still advise you take precautions before listening to the recordings (such as burning sage, reciting prayers, drawing protective sigils). What you will hear are some phrases and motifs inspired by the cursed melodies recorded on to this mysterious cassette.”

Readers are then directed towards the following music on Hammett’s TikTok: 

@kirkhammett (opens in new tab)
♬ original sound – Kirkhammett (opens in new tab)

Given that there are no records of either Abigail Forte or indeed William Forte ever existing, Metallica fans are speculating that the story, as well as Hammett’s online interpretations of the mysterious ‘field recordings’, are all part of a fascinating new project from the 59-year-old musician.

Consider us already hooked.

Hammett released his first solo record, Portals, on Metallica’s own Blackened Recordings label on April 23. 

The guitarist said at the time, “This music was created with what I describe as an Audio-Cinematic approach. They’re soundtracks to the movies in your mind.”