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This synthwave/cyberpunk version of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck is quite something

We’re not entirely sure what Malcolm Young would make of this futuristic electronic update of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck



Melodicka Bros are two Italian brothers – Dave and Joe – who proudly make “weird covers for weird people”. Postings on their YouTube channel suggest that the duo have a fondness for rock music – with Linkin Park, Ghost, System Of A Down and Green Day among the artists being saluted – but perhaps their boldest gambit yet has been to refashion AC/DC’s timeless anthem Thunderstruck as Cyberpunk/Synthwave/Electronic-Rock “coming right from the year 2077.”

We’ll be honest, not every AC/DC fan is going to love this futuristic upgrade of the lead single from ’DC’s 1990 The Razors Edge album. But we’re betting that Muse frontman Matt Bellamy will be seething that he never thought of this first. 

If this fearless reimagining of a ’DC standard has your blood boiling, perhaps you might wish to calm down, re-centre yourself and restore your inner peace, with the assistance of Buddhist monk Kossan1108, who recently delivered his very own version of the Young brothers’ banger. Namaste.